2016 Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring vs 2017 Toyota Highlander Hybrid XLE AWD

I have been reading up on leases, and I am amazed at some of the discounts and payments people can get…

With this in mind, I was set on a 2016 Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring Machine Gray Metallic, until I noticed that the Highlanders might give me a better lease deal.

Here are the residuals for the Mazda, based on search in this forum… can someone confirm these are still valid for January 2017? Of course the month ends in 2 days, so who knows what Feb might bring…

2016 Mazda CX-9, 36/10K

Sport (FWD): 62% residual, .00067 MF
Sport (AWD): 63% residual, .00109 MF
Touring: 62% residual, .00109 MF
Grand Touring/Signature: 59% residual, .00109 MF

$750 Lease Loyalty, $500 Owner Loyalty, $500 Military

Regarding the Toyota, I have not seen any 2017 Highlander Hybrid AWD residual and MF numbers (maybe I didn’t look hard). Can someone help me with those? Are Hybrids a good option for leasing, or in the Highlander world, is it better to go for the regular AWD XLE?

I am located in Northern California (Sacramento area). On the Mazda, I worked a deal for the pricing of the CX-9 Machine Gray AWD Grand Touring for $38,872. I have not gone to the Toyota dealer yet, tomorrow I am going there, and asking for their Costco pricing.

Thanks for your help.

People have been reporting great deals on the XLE AWD (non hybrid).

With their residuals so much lower, the touring and GT CX9 would find it hard pressed to best it.

Check this out.

It’s possible the SE might be ever so slightly better (some regional RV was 1% higher than XLE last month).

Mazda typically doesn’t discount prices heavily, This past weekend I took my CX-9 spinning through the Appalachian foothills near Charlottesville, Virginia, the way it responded to every twist and turn was amazing for a SUV.

Dave did you end up buying your CX9?

Thanks for all the replies.

I am going to my local Toyota dealer to check the Highlander, but I love everything about the Mazda… I am in Northern California, and would love to take that baby up to Lake Tahoe…

The Highlander is nice, but I think the Mazda feels just like a BMW without the price tag… as one of the reviews said, is a poors man BMW.

Anyway, I will post the deal and findings once I get to talk to the Toyota dealer.

I have family a little east of Sac, done the drive to Tahoe a bunch of times. Even in POS rental cars, it’s such a nice drive. And the one time I had a decent rental (Camaro or Mustang) in the spring/early summer, it started to snow and prudence suggested we turn around.

I leased a 2016 CX-9 Touring and was also debating whether to get it or get a Highlander XLE non-hybrid. The Highlander is a better deal in terms of cost/benefit ($435/mo CX-9 vs $375/mo Highlander). However, the Highlander as comfortable as it is, feels like a truck and drives like it. The CX-9 four cylinder turbo just zooms through the highway like a sports car and really feels like a high-end vehicle. I love it!. If you don’t need that 3rd row, for the same lease cost and using MSDs you can also get a Lexus RX-350 base.

Thanks emilgram. I drove the Highlander, and it just doesn’t feel like the Mazda… plus I think I’m getting a good deal on the Mazda, so I am just going to go with them. Now I just need to wait until the 8th, and I don’t want to wait… lol

Hey Max_G,

I actually live in Folsom which is east of Sacramento. Anyway, I decided to get the CX-9, keeping fingers crossed that everything works out nicely.

Thanks for all the responses everyone. I decided to get the CX-9, the Toyota dealers here were not as competitive and didn’t give me a good deal compared to what I have seen in the forum, and the payment on the Highlander XLE AWD was exactly the same as the CX-9 Grand Touring, the only difference is that Toyota is 12K miles, and Mazda is 10K. I like the CX-9 better, has more features compared to the XLE, and I was surprised that it was A LOT quieter on the highway… I can’t believe how noisy the Highlander was on the highway, I even checked the windows to make sure they were not open while I was driving it.

Here is the deal I got on the Mazda:

Congratulations :champagne: post a pic after you pick it up.

PS what a coincidence. They live in Folsom and Eldorado Hills.

Hey @BMW74, how did you manage such a good deal? You lowered down the sale price significantly and managed to negotiate 0$ down. That is impressive!