2016 LIncoln Navigator

Hey all, we are currently leasing a Lincoln MKX, but looking to lease a new Navigator as our MKX lease winds down.

Currently, there is a $599/mo x 36 month low-mileage (?10,500/year) lease available on the website with an large amount down (we never put $$ down on a lease), so would have to negotiate some to get close to that #.

Question is, are the details of that lease offer available (MF, residual, etc)?

Is the $750 loyalty stackable on top of the current $3750 lease cash (we are in Florida)?

If we do 12,000/year instead of 10,500, is there more than say a 2% drop in residual?

Thank you very much!

2016 Lincoln Navigator 2WD Select

36/12K lease:
Residual: 51% (+1% for 10,500 miles/year)
Interest rate: 0.5% APR (.00021 MF)

$3,750 lease cash can be stacked with $750 RCL Loyalty (or $1,000 Lexus, Acura, Infiniti, or Cadillac conquest). You can also stack $500 Military on top of that, if you qualify.

The “Estimate Your Payment” calculator on the Ford/Lincoln configurator is actually pretty good. It assumes the buy rate (i.e., 0.5% APR) and full MSRP.

You can input the dealer discount (e.g., $3,000) in the “Down Payment” field to get an idea of the payments after a dealer discount. Just deduct that discount amount from the total due at signing.

Then add sales tax to the monthly payments, as well as dealer doc fees (notoriously high in FL), license/registration, and sales tax on incentives to the upfront charges.

Great. We’ll start looking around. Thank you again.