2016 Lexus GS 350 F sport

Got a quote from a dealer. $58,410 MSRP, 670 OTD. $0 due at signing. 36/45k miles. Was about to pull it off but seeing the BMW deals that you guys are getting here, is this a good deal?

A good deal is 1% of MSRP. So in your case, a good deals is $580/mon. You are $90 away, which is about $3000 from your current purchase price. I think Lexus will have some major promo coming in Nov. So either ask the dealer to lower the price by $3000, or wait for Nov.

Got it. Thanks for the info. Does Lexus always have a major promo for November?

I think so. Nov is when they need to clear out all 2016 models, if I’m not mistaken.

Got it. I haven’t gotten the papers yet but he did told me that there’s already a $4500 Lexus incentives, hence, used most of it for 0 signing. You think it’s possible for 580 and 0 signing?