2016 leftover/demo lease deals

Live in NJ and need 12 to 15k miles a year.
I want to lease a demo or leftover mdx awd,pilot ex-l or highlander xle or better… I currently own my car, so I can wait a mo or 2 (max)… Due to the new model mdx and highlander I feel like I’m in good timing… But do any HACKRS have advice/experience with these type of deals?
Do I take what Toyota seems to be giving the highlander xle awd for mid 3’s or do I wait around for alil longer?

I don’t want to go over 400 or so…

Well nothing over 400 it’ll be possible now let me ask my buddy what he’s working with for the 16 mdx. Anything you are looking for in particular?

I’m still down for an mdx… But I don’t think I can close by months end, so once I’m waiting until Nxt month, I would like to see my best option…