2016 land rover range rover evoque se premium

Hi All,

I need help figuring out the incentives and the monthly payment on this one.

Even though it says ‘Certified Pre-owned’, the description says ‘retired dealer loaner’. Can it be both or just either one of them ?

So, they have put out 'nearly $8,000 off the original MSRP ($40,914). Considering that it’s a 2016 model, what selling price I should ask for ? and what would be the monthly lease payment that I can expect ?

Here’s the link

I hope I can get a good deal from your suggestions here on a luxury SUV. Appreciate the help. Thanks!

Can you lease loaner Rovers from the previous year?

And I see what you mean… one thing to note is on the Carfax report it doesn’t state CPO… other CPOs on the site say this, "“Offered for sale as a Land Rover Approved Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle”.

Plus the vehicle doesn’t seem to be ever registered, which would go with the “loaner” status.

Good hunting.

Thanks @mirawabash. So, what selling price should I negotiate it for ? and then try to go for the 1% rule ?!

Someone still has to chime in on whether you can lease it (or you can reach out and ask). Quick KBB search says $34k-$38k. Take that with a grain of salt.

Also, the carfax report shows that it’s been up for sale since April (not always reliable). You should also get a clarification on whether it’s a CPO or not (warranty purposes).

Lease will not look good on a 2016, residual will be horrible.

From my personal experience previous year models can’t be leased…

Oh! I didn’t know that :confused:. Well thank you for that info. Looks like I need to do more research on getting a fair deal in a luxury SUV.