2016 Kia Soul EV+ Sun/Fun package $149

First, huge thanks in order to this community for providing a wealth of info about such a challenging financial concept. I never would have considered myself leasing material, but this fantastic group convinced me the math can work. Let me know if this deal looks worthy.
Kia Soul Ev+ w/ sun and fun
36/10k $149 mo before tax
leasehackr 20.7 years
38025 msrp
4975 dealer discount 13% off msrp
33050 sales price
16000 lease cash
.00073 34% RV
8% sales tax $2000 drive off
Two questions:

  1. I see a rule of thumb at 15% off msrp for a great deal. I’m only at 13% but not sure there’s much more room to negotiate given depleting inventory. Several dealers won’t match this saying it’s $2200 below invoice. How would you respond to that dealer argument to get them closer to 15% off msrp?
  2. I have to travel a few hours to pick this up and am trying to confirm everything I can before getting there. What docs do I need to see screenshots of to know they won’t change terms on me when I make the trek to the dealership?
    thanks in advance!!!
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16k lease cash!? :astonished:

Is that good?
leasehackr goes up to 37.8 years with state rebate

If you like the car, this seems like a decent deal on an EV. $16k in lease cash is incredible as @carddicted has said above. Do you still get any rebates from state or federal?

I still get the state rebate. Fed rebate is presumably part of the lease cash.

Any ideas with my two questions?

15% off MSRP is a guideline, not a rule. It’s going to depend on a variety of factors. I’d say with the amount of rebates you’re getting, 13% off is pretty good.

I’d ask them to supply you with prefilled worksheet with your cc deposit showing for that specific vehicle VIN. Not a guarantee, but safer than just going there and hoping.
Don’t get hang up on what other dealers are saying, could be a special sircumstanses causing this good of a deal, trust but verify.

That does seem like a good deal, which dealer is it?

On 2. Until a deal is signed, there is really nothing you can do to “lock the deal” until you go to the dealer or you want to go through “remote” paperwork via Fedex and stuff (too much of a hassle if you can drive there).

They could tell you “we sold the car while you were driving here, this is another one for $250/mo”, etc. – stranger things have happened. If you know nothing about the dealer, maybe check out their Yelp reviews and BBB and take it with a grain of salt (biased towards complaints)

Best bet is if you can have a local (closer) dealer match the offer and try that first

Thanks everyone! I closed it last night at a dealer that still required travel but short enough that I could take the train after work. I couldn’t have done it without this community.

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Congrats! Post the final numbers, pics of the car and also the state rebate when you can!

Definitely interested to see your final numbers. What state are you in?