2016 Kia Optima SX Lease Rates?

My wife has been very happy with her current 2012 Kia Optima EX, so we are looking to sell/trade that and lease a 2016 Optima SX or SX Limited.

I am trying to do some calcs and need to know the MF and residual 15,000 miles and 36/48 months.

I am in New Jersey.

Any assistance is appreciated. Thank you!

FYI - The 2016 Optima SX Limited Numbers that I used today were:

36 mo/15k - 0.00139 and 52%. $4000 lease cash
48 mo/15k - 0.00146 and 44%. $2500 lease cash

Im sure I could have done better but I obviously went with the 36 mo. with 15k per year. It wound up at $388 per month with $2788 down, which includes the first payment. I rolled the equity from my trade into the lease. I was happy that I got a little more for the trade than I expected. Sticker was $36,990 (was actually $40,985 with all of the bogus dealer add ons which includes 1 year of maintenance) plus $782 in fees. Selling price was $35,100 plus $4000 in incentives.