2016 Kia Optima Hybrid EX - Fully Loaded Lease Deal

I need help deciding if I’m being overpriced on a lease deal. I’m being told this is the “final offer” but I want $0 down, <$350/mo. What do you guys think? Good deal? Go lower? It’s been tough finding similar deals with straight forward information.

39mo - 12k mi/yr

MSRP - $35,975
Dealer Discount & Rebate - $11,083
Vehicle Price (Net after Rebate): $24,892
Accessories (worry free package): $565

$0 down - $369/mo
$1000 down - $340/mo
$2000 down - $313/mo
$3000 down - $285/mo

Documentation fee: $489
Tax: 8.15%

Did you get a breakdown of discounts/pricing? The Optima Hybrid has a $6,000 lease cash incentive right now according to Edmunds. The killer seems to be the residual value–which is pretty bad.

MF: .00104
RV: 46%.
$6000 lease cash.

No breakdown, just the single number. The residual you show is correct, I thought it was quite low. They dropped $10,583 right off the bat off MSRP. Threw an extra $500 to help cover registration. Can’t seem to get it lower, now it’s the waiting game. Unless there are additional tips to drive down cost. I already gave them my final however which might be a mistake on my part, see below:

$0 down - $350/mo
$500 down - $325/mo
$1000 down - $300/mo

The monthly just seems high to me even with my offer. Seeing these other lease deals for $0 down and <$300/mo for what seem to be more reputable vehicles. Thoughts?

No,not according to this