2016 Kia Optima EX with premium package lease good deal?

Is this a good deal?

The MSRP of the EX GDI with Premium Package is $29615. Our TRUECar special lease price is $24155 including the lease rebate of $2700. For a 36 month lease at 18000 miles per year, the lease payment is $291.80 per month and the residual is $14642.10.

I would say negotiate 2k more off the sales price.

Try for at least 15% off before the rebate.

Have you considered the Optima Hybid? The Hybrid EX w/technology package starts at 35425, but the rebates are huge (7000 on 24 months and 5800 on 36 months). If you can get them to discount 15%, the payment at on a Hybrid EX w/technology at 24/18k would actually be cheaper than the regular EX w/premium (even with a 15% discount).

What’s the drive-off amount? Assuming a minimal amount due at signing, looks like a solid deal given the high mileage allowance.

Here are the numbers for 2016 Optima Premium, by the way:

36/15K: 54% residual, .00071 MF
$2,700 lease cash
Targeted: $400 Grad/Military

The residual is adjusted downwards by $.15/mile for each mile you exceed over 15K/year, hence $14,642.