2016 Jeep Wrangler Willy's Wheeler-13 Months Left and Tons of Miles to Go - $399PM (Ally Lease) Located in Vermont or Upstate NY

Hey Folks,

A friend of mine, who is not a hacker, leased a 2016 Jeep Wrangler Willy’s 2 years ago. She put a lot of money down and got too many miles. Now, she is moving out of the country and needs to unload it with 13 months to go. While the monthly may not be exceptional, I think this is a terrific opportunity for someone to transfer and then buy out for a small residual of $20,500.
The car only has 16800 miles and the lease allows 49,000! Really a ridiculous deal if you also need a high mileage lease for short money right now.

If the lease is with Chrysler Capital, I don’t think it can be transferred.

It is with Ally

Cool. Love the Willys Wheeler. I have a four door one. GLWS.

Good to know! I think this is a solid deal if someone wants to do 2500 miles per month for the next 13 months!

Very interested. Please PM me

Whats the payment?

That’s a joke?

TBH… can’t imagine driving a wrangler 2500 mile/month…

Me either but some people do! Hardly any depreciation

Have her look into carvana or vroom and sell to them

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pm me with details.