2016 Jeep Wrangler 75th Anniv. Sahara

2017 Jeep Wrangler Sahara
MSRP- $45,950
Sales Price - $41,750

I know these don’t lease as well as the Unlimited, but the wife really wants leather and Nav package, and loves the bronze accents. I’m going to compare lease vs purchase as well.

These are my questions…
What do you think of the final sales price?
MF should be what?
Residual should be what?

Thanks for the info, trying to wrap up this deal by later this evening.


It’s a good sales price, the MF will be 0.02 or higher and the Sahara will be more expensive than the other Wranglers since the RV is lower. But the satisfaction of getting exactly what you want should be priceless :slight_smile:

A happy wife is a happy life

Aren’t Chrysler products leasing better using outside lease companies or banks? You can only use IDL cash with an outsider.

This one might be better to buy than to lease.

I don’t think these Wranglers have cash on the hood, IDL or not. Even Quirk jeep in MA which is notorious for lowball by advertising all sorts of incentives under the sun, is listing their Wranglers at pretty much MSRP.

Oh in that case, w/o any IDL or other cash on the hood, there’s no way it can be a good lease. Probably better to buy.