2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4x4 NY $368

Final deal turned out just OK.

2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4x4 V8 (Wanted the V6)
39 Month / 10K Miles
MSRP $45,995
Sales Price $40,967
Discount 11%
Incentives $3,500
Residual 55%
MF 0.00067
Document + Tire fee $87.50
Registration $105
Tax 8%
Lease Payment $368
Drive Offs ~$2,500

Incentives were the $2,500 available through Chrysler, $1,000 Conquest for turning in a competitors lease, 1% or $459 Corporate discount. Chrysler as the lease financier.

I tried about 30 Jeep dealers in NY and nearby states looking for a V6 with credit union financing. No dice. The majority of dealers flat out didn’t even try to make a sale or wouldn’t return a phone call regardless of the number of times I called back for pricing or specific numbers. Had I not been looking for such a specific vehicle I could have found a better deal.

First of all it is a good deal. The truck is very popular. Your selling price is very good. I had a 44,600 msrp and got a sales price of 40,800. So right there you are 1300 ahead from a comparable deal. I had 36 months lease, mf of .00120, and 57% residual. You lose a bit on residual but gain on mf. I am suprised the dealer was willing to discount that low, and maybe because of the V8. Can you please share dealer info (pm me please). So my deal was 399 a month with just first month and dmv up front about 640. Taking into account your drive off difference comes out to payment of about 425 or so and since your msrp is higher by 1300 is pretty much just like my deal. Enjoy the truck and be careful of sport mode, it will kill your gas mileage like shooting fish in a barrel.

Care to share the dealer? I am in New Jersey and looking for a similar deal

Would also like to know the dealer.

My first post on the forum I appreciate all of the positive feedback I have been reading so decided to join. I am looking for a 36/15 for a Grand Cherokee limited in NJ willing to travel to pick up if need be.

Ask for “Red” at Ramsey Chrysler Jeep. Tell her Per sent you

hey i can get you a 17 grand cherokee limited v6 15k miles
410 a month
36 months
15,000 miles
1600 total at signing( includes taxes, dmv fees, bank fee and first month)
msrp 43280
capital cost before taxes 32783
with taxes 34200
a killer 20% off

Sounds like a good discount eric but 1600 already includes taxes so not sure why you need to add tax to cap cost.

I capped the taxes which increase the cap cost .when I said 1600 I meant that’s it’s not down you only paying for the fees and taxes are included in the payment.

Did you get any options? Like the luxury 2 package.