2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x2

Is this a good lease deal?

Detailed Pricing

List Price

Dealer Discount

Sale Price


Finance Price*

36 month lease 12K a year in miles at a payment of $424.03 a month plus tax for 35 months (zero out of pocket)

He is stating that it is $3000.00 below the factory cost after all applicable rebates.

I am willing to bet you can get them significantly lower on the sale price.

I don’t know if they were specific to the Limiteds I was looking at but search for the other thread cause there is nearly $4-5k worth of incentives/rebates even on the 2016s. Lease cash + conquest + idl cash (independent lease …something?)

But anyway, I had my local dealer confirm thee and work these into a current deal. Didn’t get anything since it was still a bit more than I hoped but might as well ask again.