2016 Jaguar F Type S

Hey all,

Looking at purchasing a 2016 Jaguar F Type S and I was wondering if I could get some feedback on the following deal:

2016 Jaguar F Type S
MSRP: $79,933
Sale Price: $63,456

36 mo / 10k
Residual Value: $43,164 (54%, seems very low)

$0 down
$1,021.94 monthly payment including tax

I put this inside the leasehackr calculator and found the money factor to be around .00328 which seems extremely high. I was looking at the forums and found:

Granted the post is old, but it seems like the residual value and money factor is nowhere near where it should be. Is this worth negotiating or should I just move on?


Move on :slight_smile:

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Is this deal still available? I can’t find any lease deals in a similar price range in my area (Bay Area, CA).

UNfortunately this is the other side of the country at jaguar norwood in mass. If you don’t need the “S” but just the base, there is an even better deal, although check the forum some people have gotten the base model for 418 a month.

Read the forum, there are at least 2 long threads about the F-Types.

You will get better deals on what are called “non-VIP” (aka “base model”) cars as they are hard to move. The base model does NOT have a backup camera, no touch handle unlock (you need to press the button on the keyfob), etc. There is a guy named @atomhawk that did a deal for this in December (Norcal) or you can maybe pick one up from Todd @ Rusnak in Pasadena – again, these are base models, make sure you can live with what it does not have. The good news is that the Jaguar mobile app (which is excellent) works with any model.

For the more desirable configurations, it is hard to get them to discount the car.

Also, my experience with Jaguar tracking the car across 2-3 months is that they play the MF and RV game very well – some math guy is pumping out the numbers every month so the monthly payment comes out pretty much even. What I mean is that one month, you will get a nice RV % but then the MF sucks (Jaguar has no MSD). The next month, they will have a nice MF (low interest) but then they kill the RV%. It seems like you are getting hit with a double-whammy for this month.

The deal on the picture is $6k down (yikes) + drive offs of ~$2,500 with 39 months with 5k miles/year. Granted it is a $92k but that it still not a great deal.

With your MSRP, we do a quick test around here with the monthly including tax should be < 1% MSRP with $0 down (36/10k). So, your starting point on a good deal should be around $800/mo with $0 down (just about $2,500 drive-offs including first month) and go down from there.