2016 Jaguar F-TYPE convertible - good deal?

2016 Jaguar F-TYPE Premium convertible (loaded with options)
MSRP: $79,950
Sale price: $68,000
Monthly Payment (pre-tax): $495.45
Money down (including all fees + 1st month payment): $5,050
Residual amount: $47,076.65
MF Rate: .00032
Annual mileage: 10k

This includes all rebates through Jaguar financial services.

Is this a good deal compared to the complete base F-TYPE deal going around leasehackr?
Thanks in advance

How much cap cost reduction?

Don’t have the numbers infront of me now but approx $3,500

I am new to leasing so don’t take my advice but this looks to be a much better deal than what was advertised here. Basically same selling price but MSRP is $12k higher.

Yes you killed it. Good for you. Jaguar convertible for price of a regular mid level luxury sedan like 528 or e250

is this the V6 or V6S?

This is the V6. It’s MSRP is high because it has just about every option / package as well as the switchable active exhaust.

Thank you. Going to sign tomorrow!

whats it come to with tax?

The monthly payment? About $535 after tax.

so thats still about 630 without the 3500 down. Cheaper than my 78k Ats-V.

I was looking at the ATS-V too. I’ve been talking to this dealer & negotiating for awhile. It took quite some time to get them down to this. What do you pay for your ATS-V?

728 with 10% tax on the lease amount. Got 10k with employee but unfortunately, they are sitting on lots. Good for you tho because you can get the same discount as me, if not more.

I’m assuming your Pittsburgh? What dealership & do you work there?

Yes. Bowser in McMurray. They have 3 coupes that have been there awhile.

I actually inquired through them about a ATS-V and they emailed me back with $859 a month plus tax, with $4,000 cap down. I didn’t even try to rebuttal as that offer was nowhere near where I wanted. I’ve had quotes for a Maserati GT near that amount. I noticed they have like 4 ATS-V coupes still too, thought they would throw out a good deal.

Their manager is from Jeep right across the street… Id email them what your offer is, either they accept or you walk. Ive had my car since Dec with 4800 miles and they say my trade in is in the 40s.

Follow this thread-http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/cadillac-ats-v-series-forum/883298-ats-v-lease-price.html

Great deal man!! Post pics soon (of the lease paperwork and the car too!!). Enjoy it.