2016 Hyundai Sonata Sport

Hey Hackers and lurkers.

Have a good chance in sweeping up a good deal I believe.

leasing for 36/12

looks to be a $179 a month including PA taxes and top tier hyundai financing. takes for leases are 0.09.

I would put inceptions down of $450 which includes first month payment. I could probably get this down I believe. this includes tags, title, b.s. fees

rebates are
1000 uber
2750 sonata lease cash
1000 summer cash

24530 msrp
22984 cap cost after negotiated price down

13000.90 residual value aka 53%
0.00073 mf

sounds like a good deal? I’m kicking myself for not making a boost account sooner. easy 15 dollars off if I would of had it

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just to be clear the dealer manager offered me the 179 a month with 450 inceptions. But told him I had to think about it

Looks good. Passes the monthly less than 1% of msrp test

whats the msrp test?

Monthly less than 1% of msrp is a good deal.

Experts … please help me decode RBC and VOC here http://www.hyundaiofkirkland.com/Weekly-advertising. Do they get added as incentives on top of sales price for lease too?


I’m no expert but from reading the adds for at least the Sonata Sport, It’s 159 + fees. Gotta watch out for the fees part.

That’s where they make their money. But also the 1999 down is ridiculous. You want to get as close to zero as possible. or just paying the first month with some of the fees tied in.

so all together about 219 if you didn’t put money down a month.

Not sure about the RBC but may have something to do with the discounting they’re doing with the 2016 sonatas. The 2017 are coming out soon so they want them all gone and off the lot so Hyundai gave incentives towards certain cars higher than usual. Not sure what VOC is either. Other than another discount. They get added as incentives.

Hope this helps

It took me a second to understand what you said Vhooloo. but i get it now hours later lol.

MSRP is 24530
Per month cost 179
179 / 24530 = 0.007297
0.73 Percent.

Didn’t know this was a thing though as a indicator of a good deal. Thanks

I’ll be going in tomorrow then to finalize the deal. Once I get the paperwork Ill post on here if anyone’s interested.

I was able to negotiate this same deal using the Elentra SE 2017 to get 139 a month but have to have a uber account. I suggest y’all make one if you want an easy 1000 off. aka 30 dollars off the monthly. Takes a couple of days for them to verify you after a background check. The dealership will take a screenshot of your Uber dashboard and submit for incentive.

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Good tip about the uber. Glad the 1% rule is working :wink:

how did you use the uber discount I heard it was not available on a lease