2016 Hyundai Genesis

I know there is already a 2016 Hyundai Genesis thread, but this one is different.

I am looking to lease a 3.8 RWD sedan for $250 per month (including tax). I have a 2013 Honda Accord EX-L that I owe $15k on. I would like the dealer to purchase it at $17k, using the $2k as my down payment, fees, so forth. If possible, I would like to have no out of pocket costs. I am also a USAA member and I have been quoted approximately $2,500 off the MSRP, bringing the cost to $37,389. I live in NC, where we have a highway use tax of 3% on all car sales.

Do you think I can make this happen, and how would I need to structure the lease? Any advice is appreciated!

start plugging away at the calculator. you should be able to see if it is feasible for you. the needed money factor and residual value is in the posted genesis headline

Best to sell your car to Beepi or CarMax, where volumes are higher, margins are slimmer, and turnover is quicker.

If you introduce too many variables into a lease, such as a trade-in, it can get complicated.