2016 Hyundai Genesis AWD Ultimate


This is going to be my first time buying other than a Lexus so I don’t really have any direct connection. I know there’s already a thread here for the Genesis but I just want to be more specific.

Was just wondering if there’s anyway I can do better than this:

2016 Genesis AWD Tech Ultimate package
MSRP: $52,800
Dealer Discount:$6,500
Hyundai Lease Rebate: $4,500
Final Price: $41,800
36/12k miles $2,000 drive off.
$426.38 + tax, $462.62 inc. tax
136/5K $455.69 + tax, $494.42 inc. tax

This deal is horrible, I am sure dealer marked up MF. You should shoot for less than $400 before tax on ultimate.

As much as I tried getting good deal for this car for like the past 2 months and I just can’t. Especially now a dealer told me this month is the worst because there is literally no specials this month.

Dump this option into the Trash. Just like what I did. You can get good deal on Azera now.

Maybe this isn’t a relevant question due to your situation, but why aren’t you leasing a 2016 E350?

Is there some reason you don’t want an E350 vs the Genesis? The reason I ask is the Lexus could have equity at the end of the lease and also can be leased for a similar/lower amount perhaps. Please enlighten us as to your thinking toward the Genesis.

Disclaimer: I will not lease any particular car unless I think it is a great deal.

I’m actually leasing a base model ES350 (msrp around 40k) for 360 a month, 15k miles /yr, Not planning on trading it but just want to just lease another one as my wife drives my ES a lot. I actually loved the Genesis more than the ES. More features plus cheaper insurance.

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Any info on what MF is available right now?[quote=“sepidpooy, post:4, topic:4262, full:true”]
Dump this option into the Trash. Just like what I did. You can get good deal on Azera now.

Rv 55% and MF 0.00023. $4500 lease cash