2016 Honda FIT lease

I know this forum is more about higher end and midsize sedans but was wondering if anyone knows of any ongoing deals on Honda FIT LX in NY/NJ area. One actual offer that I have is 175 and 2500 down (tax and everything rolled into one) which translates to the attached image from a good dealership. The other offer that I have found from Bronx Honda is sweeter but from their inventory it looks like they don’t have any base models so they are trying to upsell once customer is in.

any help appreciated.

Fit is a relatively niche, low-volume car for Honda, and it seems to have a strong following. For those reasons, Honda doesn’t have much in the way of incentives or good lease programs on Fit.

The base MF for 2016 Fit is .00175 (4.2% APR). Looks like the dealer is marking up the MF significantly (.0027 is equivalent to 6.48% APR!).

Assuming an MSRP of $17,425, the selling price of $16,700 isn’t bad. Fits typically sell very close to MSRP.

Fit is the sort of car most people buy and keep for a very long time. I wouldn’t be surprised if a Civic, which has a higher retail price, will be cheaper to lease. Is it the hatchback versatility and maneuverability that you like in Fit?

If the car was for myself, I would certainly consider Civic, but its actually for Mom and she likes the shape and size etc for personal driving errand etc… as for MF, I told them and they gave me a vague response.

Indeed. Although there is a national lease program for the fit right now, with $0 down, it’s only $20 less per month than a Civic. The Honda Civic is a much nicer car and it has Honda sensing as an option.

You might want to look around.
In Southern CA, it’s $199 with 0 drive off. So $7200 total. I don’t know the MF and RESID

Hey gang, just discovered this forum and loving it.

My mom’s lease on her '14 Civic Coupe is up. I want to get her into a new Fit. Problem is the new 2018s have a ridiculous money factor of 00200 (4.8%), which seems nuts for what’s an econobox.

The 2017s still on the lot have a more reasonable MF of .00062 (1.48%). Trying to decide if I should try for a good deal on a '17 or maybe just finance a gently used 2016. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Arrgh! Didn’t notice the old date…

Here’s Honda’s current deal.

Honda’s Deal on a 2018 Fit is
$179 with $2599 due + TTL so that’s $8864 + (Assuming $2k for TTL)
Try to get a better deal (That’s $2800 off list BTW).