2016 Honda CRV - EX - purchase or lease pricing

We are considering the purchase or lease of a 2016 CRV, EX model.

Dealer price is $25,760, which includes freight, $500 Honda dealer cash & $200 out of the dealer’s holdback. Invoice is $26,460. Sticker is $28,130. We would need to add tax and registration fees.

We are based in NY City - is this a good price? What have others seen?

Also, if we decide to lease, any idea on MF or if Honda reduces MF for auto-pay or pre-pay?

We could do a 24 or 36 month lease - open for either 10k or 12k miles per year.


$2,370 off MSRP on a CR-V seems pretty good. Hondas are typically discounted less than other cars.

If you decide to lease, here are the numbers for 2016 CR-V EX AWD. Honda does not offer a 10K/year option:

24/12K: 69% residual, .00080 MF
36/12K: 63% residual, .00080 MF
$1,000 HFS Loyalty, $500 Grad, $500 Military

MF is .00070 on $0 drive-off lease. Honda offers a single-pay lease, which brings the MF very close to zero.

The nice thing about Honda leases: $500 excess wear waiver and $0 disposition fee.

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When did Honda bring back the $0 disposition fee?
I know they used to have that years ago but around 2013ish, they joined the $350 disposition fee bandwagon.
The fee gets waived if you’re getting another Honda at the end of the lease though.
Have they gone back to the $0 disposition fee?

Thanks. What do you mean by the drive-off lease…why would that affect MF and how would that differ from the deal we are proposing? Also was not aware that Honda offers a single-pay lease.