2016 Honda Civic Touring (or LX / EX)

Negotiating a lease for my sister in law. She is currently in a 2013 Civic EX, lease up this month Jan. 2017.
She would like her payments for a new 2016 or 2017 Civic to be 225/month or less - looking for 0 down sign and drive deal.

Her current dealer has 2 2016 Honda Civic Touring - MSRP 27335, invoice around 25444. Any chance we could negotiate sale price down to $22,000 or so to make it happen. 36months/15k miles. Waiting for Michael to come back with MF and Residual Value - last month was around 59% and .00048 MF… Not sure if 2016s are being discounted.

She would be happy with an LX or an EX but I would love to get her in something with more features for the 225 month.
PS She only wants a Civic, not interested in any other make/models - believe me I have tried to tell her there are better bang for buck cars out there.

Would love your thoughts on best approach here.

Thanks - E

If you can negotiate a touring for $225 I’ll grab one with you. Are you in Orange County, CA? I’m in LA

Hey Cali.

I’m in New Jersey - there is probably no way in #%@# that I can negotiate to a 225 for a 2016 touring but figure I’d give it a shot. Let me know if you’re negotiating and where you are at - I haven’t even started contacting dealers yet. Need updated MF and Residual to do battle. LOL Probably looking at more around 250 to 275.

When I was looking at Civics 2016/2017 EX-L EX-Ts no dealership would give me a payment less than $260-270 with 1-2k down for a 36month/15k even though I’ve had 3 different civics.

Going for a 12k 36 mo option

It’s not going to majorly reduce the monthly …2% of MSRP (~$500) spread out over 36 months, plus finance charge (which is not much if the MF is .00048)

It’s not going to lease well with these residuals, lack of mfr lease support and likely hesitance to discount much from dealers (it’s been selling well as is)…have either of you thought about buying it instead? My gut says it will be worth more than 53% after 3yrs and 36k miles.

Agreed. Not going to be doable (or worth) on Touring. I guess it’s just bad discounts and poor residual that kills the deals on touring.

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