2016 Honda Civic Sedan with Honda Sensing


I am looking for the MF and Residual for a Honda Civic Sedan with Honda Sensing. The lease will be for 36 months with 12K/year in So. Cal (91344). Are the numbers the same for the Sedan without the Honda Sensing?


2016 Civic LX CVT Sedan
36/12K: 62% residual, .00070 MF

2016 Civic LX CVT Sedan with Honda Sensing
36/12K: 60% residual, .00070 MF

Thanks Michael!

Got a really good deal on a 2016 Civic LX CVT Sedan (without the Honda Sensing) last Thu $0 drive-off, and 35 payments of $213.76 per month. This was for the 36/12K lease.

Would you mind messaging me your lease worksheet if you still have it? I’m trying to get a lease on the same model but I’m being quoted ~260 :expressionless:

Hi alohasexjuice!

I helped a friend get that car, and do not have the worksheet anymore. We have a number of dealers closeby (Los Angeles), and sent an email to all of them. Depending on the responses, I started narrowing it down to the few who were willing to deal. Being that it was end of the month really helped.

Sorry about that.