2016 Honda Civic Sedan Touring Quote - What do you think?

Location: Maryland
Vehicle: 2016 HONDA CIVIC SEDAN 4dr Touring
MSRP: $27,335
Sale Price: $24,608
Term: 36 mo./12k per year
Residual value: $15,580.95 (57% of the M.S.R.P.)
Money factor: 0.00080
Sales Tax: $1579.68
Doc Fee: $300
ACQ Fee: $595
Govt Fees: $292

$2000 Cash from me to cover tax and other fees: $345 per month (quoted)

Anyone else have a different MF and/or residual % than what I just got?

I can confirm the residual and MF. My understanding is that Honda doesn’t allow their dealers to mark up the MF.

Sales price looks solid. Main reason why this is expensive is because MD charges sales tax on the selling price of the vehicle, rather than just the leased portion.

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