2016​ Honda​ ​Civic Sedan​ 4 Sedan EX CVT with Honda Sensing

Good Morning Gentlemen,

i heard there is a lot of good offers on the 2016 Civic during president day sale,
i have received an offer from Honda cars of Corona regarding a 2016​ Honda​ ​Civic Sedan​ 4 Sedan EX CVT with Honda Sensing.

MSRP: $22875.00
SALE PRICE : $19,819.00
college grad discount $500 off
military appreciation $500 off

final price down to $18,819.00

what are the MF, residual numbers from Honda regarding 2016 vehicles ?

I’m looking for either 12k/36 or 15/36
is there any room to squeeze the sale price ?? how much do you think my monthly payment should be including tax ?

Thank you very much.

You should do a quick search next time cuz all your information has already been posted here:

Put all your info into the lease calculator to see what your payments should be.

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hi skildner, thanks for your reply,
i have seen that post but i thought those numbers are for the 2017 models not the 2016! so i suppose they are the same!

Thanks again

You should not assume this. 2016 RVs will be lower.

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I’m new to leasing. I put info in for a 2017 GTI and a 2017 Honda Civic EX-T into the calculator. I emailed two dealers and was more or less laughed at. Using 2 different emails I’ve been dealing with these dealers on both buying and leasing. I know the buy price I can get. I use that in the calculator. But when it comes down to leasing, their numbers must be different. Neither emailed back with a counter offer so I’m probably not even close. I thought at least the Civic would be easy to lease on a good deal but I guess there is high demand for them.

Make it easy on yourself.

Tell them your terms (mileage, lease length, trim. etc) and then see what they quote you for Tier 1.

Then simply take that to the next dealer, do that 7 more times and you’ll approach what you should be getting.