2016 Honda Civic LX Quote - What do you think?

Here is a quote I received from AutoNation Dulles in Ashburn, VA. I would appreciate your feedback.

Thank you!

Residual value=$12,976 (64% of the M.S.R.P.)
Money factor is 0.00083
No incentives or rebates, includes gap insurance ($595) which is included in the payment. No deposit required.

Vehicle: 2016 HONDA CIVIC SEDAN 4dr LX AT
Miles: 9
Vehicle Price: $20,275.00
AutoNation Savings: -$2,367.00
AutoNation Price: $17,908.00
Sales Tax (estimate): +$785.98
Tag/Registration Fees (estimate): +$62.75
Documentation Fee: +$499.00
Balance Due (estimate): $19,255.73

LEASE OPTIONS - 36 months 12,000 Miles
Cash Due - Lease
$500 $212
$1,500 $182
$2,500 $152

I get $201.20 per month with $0 down, and $186.89 with $500 down.

I would be countering $185 with tax $0 down then see. Here in SoCal they have been advertising it for $129 with 1999 down so anything closer to $185 ish should be achievable.

I don’t see any red flags. The selling price seems quite good, and the MF hasn’t been marked up. Only downside is the high dealer doc fee ($499) and sales tax on the entire price of the vehicle (rather than just the leased portion), but that’s to be expected in VA.

Thanks for your feedback. I will certainly try the $185. This is their first set of numbers so I would assume there is room for improvement :slight_smile: I don’t need the car until middle of May but I wanted to start getting some numbers from diff. dealers on similar cars. I am using the 10 small sedans article’s numbers as my guide. Let’s hope my first lease goes according to the plan.

I think (I say I think because I didn’t get the final papers) I got my local dealer to agree the $185 w/ tax $0 down. Are these numbers still good for this month? Technically I don’t need the car until May 21st so I can wait if need be. Thank you.