2016 Honda Civic LX Automatic base model , $583 down and $182 per month good deal?

I got this 2016 Honda Civic LX Automatic with no options during the end of year sale
Cap cost: 17981 (with 595 acquisition fee included)
Downpayment incl 1st month: 1083
Downpayment includes $500 recent grad cash and 583 from my pocket
Residual: 11962
Monthly lease payments:167 + taxes = $182 every month
No other deposit
I was told that my MF was 0.00048 and residual was 59%
Lease term: 36 mos

Did i get a good deal ?

Actually I figured out after i signed my lease that the lowest the dealership could go was $177.53 a month with the same down payment and $500 grad credit - if it were to help somebody .
This was in an LA suburb - West Covina


Now that you have signed your lease, don’t second guess yourself (or allow anyone else to). Enjoy the car, and I’m sure anyone in the market for a '16 Civic will appreciate the extra data point.

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That rate is advertised for 2017 civics. For 2016, I would have thought the price would be 10% lower.

Ads are kinda useless w/o the fine print, aren’t they? In this case:

All leases are 36 months, 12k miles per year. $0 down payment plus registration fees, documentation, acquisition fee and 1st payment due at signing. No security deposit required. With approved credit. Must take delivery from dealer stock. Payment due at time of purchase, see dealer for details. Offers valid thru 12/31/16.

That would be another ~$1.5-2k due at signing depending on where one lives. OP appears to have had $583 due at signing.

Thanks max_g , yeah I know but wanted to find out if I have a good deal or a so so deal so I get better at this as this was first ever lease ; where would you find a list of the current deal offers?

Advertisement Link please

I believe the ad he posted was on Boston.com

and or bernardi honda .com