2016 Honda Civic EX upcoming offers NYC


Been searching for this Civic in this trim for about a month now. Spoke to two dealers and they’re all giving me quotes pulled directly from Honda’s website.
One dealer even gave me this ~$220/M for 12k/year 36months, with a $2056 downpayment. Not sure how I feel about it.
What should I be expecting? I will be using both Costco’s auto program and True Car to go for another round of negotiations soon.

Thanks so much.

Honda is currently is one of the few dealers to offer affordable driver assistance and safety packages for multiple models on all trim levels including the Civic…I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want them, even at like $20/more a month…Curious to see what the Res’s are with sensing vs w/o.

I saw a L.A. lease advertising for $0 down and $250/mo for a EX-T (turbo engine), I presume without Sensing…

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