2016 Honda Civic EX-T Sedan

Can i please have the residual value, incentives and money factor?

  1. Coral Springs, FL
  2. Ex-T Sedan
  3. 3 years 15,000 miles

I’m a first time buyer and they’re offering me $239 a month and $1,500 down, is this a good deal?
Thank you

15,000 down seems kind of high. :wink:

oh I’m sorry i meant $1,500*

haha, I figured, just giving you a hard time :wink:

What is the msrp? Sales price?

MSRP= $23,025
Sales Price= $21,700

I would consider that an ok deal since you got 15k miles a year, which affects residual. 1500 down is probably all fees and fist month i am guessing. Check truecar and see if sales price could be lower. Also, push for a reduction in fees. Not sure how successful you will be with the fees but if they see you serious they might negotiate.

What would it be if i do 12k miles instead? And the truecar average is $20,708. Should i push them to equal that price?