2016 Honda Civic EX leased

So my girlfriend was looking at the new civic, we decided to go for lease. Here’s the deal we ended up taking:

$0 down
$0 MSD
$225 monthly

36 month term with 36k miles. I believe the MSRP was ~$22.5k and selling price was ~$19.5k. After 36 mos the residual is ~$13k I believe. We got this deal in Torrance after trying Keyes Honda in the valley and Santa Monica Honda. Both said the deal was too aggressive for their dealerships, but had no problem in Torrance.

This was our first time leasing and her first time for either buy/lease.

Honda doesn’t allow MSD so that’s a moot point. It’s solid deal as you hit the 1% MSRP mark. Congrats!

ah, yeah I wasn’t 100% sure if it were possible. it also includes GAP, which I guess is standard on all honda leases

Curious if you considered Acura TLX lease at all? It’s about the same monthly payment.

No we did not. We had been looking mostly between Toyota and Honda, but the civic had way more features at that price point between the two. Originally we were drawn to the rav4 but the dealing seemed more difficult to get lower than ~2k down $250/mo.

You might want to broaden your search next time. For the same payment/cost, you can get a car a couple classes above.

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what is the monthly after taxes?

the post was including taxes, zero driveoff and $225/mo gap & taxes included

Hi David, great deal! Do you have the MF and residuals on your deal?


Thanks! I believe MF was .0007 and residual was mid 13’s

Just brought home a Civic coupe. MSRP 23150 Selling price 19762. .00070 and 59% $225 a month. Feel like a great deal on a Civic even if not the best deal on any car.

Thanks David, without knowing about Torrance I never would have gotten an email price from them. They seem to quote the lowest by $800 to get you in the door, then already have the dealer options added. At that point they say “internet customer” you can have for cost. Cost is just over $800 magically. Cost is what the service department charged the sales department, not what the service department’s cost is.

Thanks a lot to everyone who participates learned a lot about leasing over the last two months.

Sorry if this is a dumb question but what is MSD? This term is not mentioned on the Calculate Lease payments by Hand page here…

Maximum security deposits. Available from some manufacturer finance companies. Either for poor credit or those that have good credit lowers the Apr so the monthly payments are less. If you have extra cash it’s a good deal as you get the msd back at the end of the lease.

Not “Multiple”?..

Correct, it’s Multiple not Maximum