2016 Honda Accord Touring & Hybrid Touring

Hi everyone,

I’m in the market for a new Accord Touring or Hybrid Touring.

Does anyone know what a good deal is looking like in New York?

Of course, 0 down!

Thank You!!!

I’m okay with whatever is a cheaper lease term - the shorter the better in my opinion!

If you get a good deal, post it here. I called a few dealers in NJ and they did not even bother to give me a quote. One guy finally gave $580/month for 36/12/0 Looks like they few and sought after.

Will do @nid15. $580 a month? That sounds terrible. I don’t even know the residual or MF but that just sounds terrible!

Speaking of residual and MF, can someone post it here if they have it?

This is what I received from them:
Our selling price for the 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring is $34,105. The money factor on the lease you requested is 0.00190. The residual value will be $19,050.90. Our lease fees include : bank fee : $595 documentation fee : $399 NJ tire tax : $7.50 Motor Vehicle Fee : $229.50.

The selling price is not discounted at all. No wonder why. Just the depreciation cost per month is $418. Then the finance charge is $101.

Yeah definitely a terrible buy.

If you’re interested in a Sonata, let me know. I just leased one for a great deal. I was only looking at the Accord because my mom needs a new car.

Thanks. I just PM’d you.

This dealer is near Boston , always a good starting point when it comes to leasing Hondas , here’s a couple of deals for a 2016 Accord Touring

Wow thank you so much @Fordguy21! What do you think this can get down to with 0 down?

Not much more for a touring I’m sure

I feel like at this price point, it’s better to get the <$400 5 series that everyone is going on about on the forums.

Agreed. If you are going to pony up 400 for a car, might as well get the 528 lease

@vhooloo do you know any dealerships in NY that are doing that lease on a 5 series?

Nope. I am in mass but cannot see how it would be so different im ny

I haven’t seen a dealer willing to do the deal. They keep telling me their best and final is like 600.