2016 Honda Accord LX

At downtown Honda of Los Angeles,

I got a 2016 Honda Accord LX

Monthly Payment:$149 (Including Tax)
Down Payment: $2,800 (Including Tax)

Is this a good deal?

Seems like you might be able to get a TLX when you account for the money you are putting down…might want to check it out.

Here are the lease program numbers for 2016 Accord LX CVT:

36/12K: 56% residual, .00038 MF

From reverse calculating the numbers, it looks like a selling price of $19,300 on a $23,840 MSRP car. According to Edmunds, the average price paid is $21,121 and one of their dealers is selling it for $20,278.

Looks like a good deal to me!

what will be the numbers for Accord XE
assuming $0 down