2016 Honda Accord LX - Lease NYC - $199

Is below a good deal on the Honda Accord LX?

$199 a month for 39 months.

0 Down Payment and $1880 Due at Signing (Tax on Total Lease Payment-$688.79 / DMV Registration and Title Fees)

Am I missing anything? I just want to make sure the dealership is quoting me correctly. Is this a good deal?


If you look at the midsize sedan article this is spot on for the excellent deal on the Accord. I doubt you’d be able to get it lower.

Thanks for your response.

Do you think the below is a better deal?

$149 Per Month for 39 Months
$1739 Due at Inception ($995 Down Payment / $595 Bank Fee, and $1st Month’s Payment)
*Excludes Taxes and DMV Fees.


$183 Per Month for 39 Months
No Money Down
*Excludes Taxes, DMV, and Title Fees.

*Does anyone know how much is NYS DMV and Title Fees?

I would avoid 39 months. You have to pay license renewal fees for the 4th year + no more warranty.

Generally, I would agree. However, in this case the 39-month residual is the same as the 36-month residual. So you’re getting three months for “free” in exchange for paying license and registration.

Deals on 2016 Accord seem to be particularly good in the Northeast right now. Weymouth Honda in MA has an ad for $159/month (before tax) and $0 down. Acquisition fee ($595), license, doc fee, and first month’s due at signing:



Hi leo38cheng, would you mind sharing which dealership you went through? Thanks.


but their sale ended already. Tell James Juliao – that Leo from NYC sent you. He might be able to work out a deal for you.

Wow thanks for the quick reply. I’ve never leased a car from out of state before. What was the process like?