2016 Honda Accord EX with Honda Sensing

Here is the deal I am getting at a dealer in South Florida.

2016 Honda Accord EX with Honda Sensing
MRSP: $28115
Sale Price: $24750
Untaxed Incentives: $750
Zero down
Acquisition Fee: $595
Document Fee: $795 (They say its dealer fees)
Money Factor: 0.0051
Residual: 56%

This is on a 39 month lease with 12,000 miles
Money factor: 0.0051
Payments are $262/month

First time leasing a Honda (or any vehicle for that fact)
Thanks so much for this website , its been a gold mine of information

What should I watch out for at the dealership ?
Anyway to look at a Honda contract before I get to the dealer ?

I always try and read a contract but dealer refuses to send me a soft copy and insists I read it when I come in which makes me nervous

How did I do with this deal ?

Thats pretty good, though you might want to ask them how much are all of the fees upfront.
To me it seems like they will charge you around 2k upfront including 1st month, bank fee, dealer fee, DMV.

I could get you one for $260+ tax per month and $1365 total due at signing, no dealer fee.

Broker in Miami.

The monthly payment before Tax is $248 , $262 is with Tax.

They have quoted a $795 dealer fee
$400 for License / Registration and $250 for Tags

Total due at signing is $1505
Whats a good number to call you ?

I want to compare the deal using the LeaseHackr calculator.


You also need to factor in the $595 bank fee. And frankly after running the numbers there is an additional $600 as cap reduction to get the payments down to $262 tax in, so you’re looking at anywere from $2000 - $2600 due at signing with this dealer.

Let’s talk about this
I do like the car and looking to buy it soon if the price is right.

Don’t like the high pressure selling environment at the dealership . None of the dealers I visit here want to share the numbers by phone . They all insists I visit .
Even when I go there they would not allow me to take home the numbers and think about it .