2016 Highlander XLE

I am in CT and just received a purchase price 9% below msrp (this is 9% after dealer fees) - any initial thoughts? This is a 36/12k lease w $0 out of pocket. 68% residual and MF of .00106.


So what’s your monthly payments without tax?

And are you doing MSD?

Mind you, this has only been done via email, I have not gone in yet. They sent the quote including 6.35% CT tax - $419. I have been unable to find a dealer in CT that knows about MSD?

You’re not the only one- lots of toyota dealerships here in CA don’t know much about MSD. The payments seems slightly on the higher side- but I forgot to ask what was the MSRP and the selling price?

The best of the 3 dealers I have emailed came back with following: MSRP = $40,359 with selling price = $36,860 residual = $27,444. I’m clearly not done negotiating…


8.6% Mark-off is pretty decent. As per forum- target 7%. So I think you’re good- just be weary of your total drive off when signing. Good Luck!

Thanks, Alex - appreciate the help!

Tell them you would like to put down multiple security deposits to lower the money factor. They may just not be aware of the MSD acronym.

I have not been using the acronym, however, I plan on re-visiting it with them when I go in…

I was just told by one dealer that the MF of .00106 is a “special rate” and does not qualify for MSD - I could go standard at .00200 and buy down if I desired.

And by now you already know that your dealer is lying :slight_smile:

So much for trying to get clarification from TFS, the original contact person attempted to transfer me to the “loyalty dept” - they wouldn’t even speak to me about the program, stated I needed to go directly to the dealership.

Ok… I got the same EXCAT thing from team Toyota in cherry hill! Who did u get this from?

Two dealers in CT… Just called another and qualified them with MSD - they know it and are willing to provide a quote (told them I’m at 9% off MSRP right now). Waiting on the information…

Please keep me in the loop… I will post if I find a dealer in the area as well…

Sure thing :thumbsup:

I do have an appt with a dealership in Hartford, CT that has emailed me stating they will allow MSD’s (without starting at a higher rate - as another dealer told me). They are aware I have a current quote of 9% off MSRP. I will report back what ultimately happens.

So much for that! I pressed the dealer ahead of my appointment to be sure the MSD’s would apply to the lower MF. The answer - NO! The finance director is stating that the MSD program ONLY applies to the standard rate. This is enough to make me start drinking… early.

Here is the final deal that I am signing tomorrow:

36/12k $0 out of pocket

MSRP $40,448
Selling Price $36,839
Bank Fee $650
Doc Fee $399
Reg $188 new plates

$399.82 per month
Residual $27,505

have you tried msd, i got $344 with 10 msd for $41650