2016 highlander xle awd 12k miles 328 w 9 msd's

Before I say the deals (got 2!) that I got I would like to give a special thank you to michael for this wonderful site!!!
And a personal thank you to all of those who answered my questions throughout this process. You know who you are. Thank you!
I just closed on 2 highlanders
Msrp of 41000 (running boards, all weather mats and captain chairs)
Selling price of 37800
Non cash rebates and discounts of 1800
9 msd’s of 3150
And just my first pmt of 328 after nj tax at signing
So 3488 all. All tags n fees rolled in
And best of all, they let me swipe the full 3488! Didn’t need to use the cash I brought!


I don’t have contract on me now, so the msrp,sale and dealer discounts are all within 100

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Congratulations… :+1:
Glad you were able to get this deal on the vehicle you wanted

Seems really similar my deal.

Auto start, mats and captains chairs MSRP of $41, 463
$2925 in MSD. 1st month and DMV.
Total at signing $3570.
315/m for 36m/12k miles

Didn’t take the gap insurance from dealer they wanted $695, instead my insurance company offers the same thing for $40/year.

The highlander XLE is not an exciting car but it is a really good deal; too good to pass. It seems the 24 month/12k deal should be even better?

Congrats. Great deal

Do you mind sharing the dealership that you bought this from? I’m in Union County NJ area. Thanks!

After 2 days of Negotiation here in Southern California, Orange County, and showing them this ones deal
Here is what they gave me >>
Vehicle: 2016 TOYOTA HIGHLANDER 2WD 4dr XLE Lease

Vehicle Price: 		$39,452.00	 
 Savings: 	-	$3,234.00	 
 Total Price: 		$36,218.00	 
Sales Tax (estimate): 	+	$3,266.83	 
Tire/Battery/MVWEA: 	+	$8.75	 
Tag/Registration Fees (estimate): 	+	$307.00	 
Flat Add/County Fee: 	+	$11.00	 
Electronic Filing: 	+	$29.00	 
Smog Abatement Fee: 	+	$20.00	 
Documentation Fee: 	+	$80.00	 
Balance Due (estimate): 		$39,940.58	 
No Trade-In 

Cash Due 36 months 15,000 Miles
Down Payment Monthly Due
Including Tax
$1,000 $385
$2,000 $350

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I cant find how to PM. Can you send me the dealership info?

On my way to dealer to test drive the highlander. This will be first attempt for lease. How do I find what discounts and rebates are available to ask for them… ?
With so many config options available it is difficult to do apple to apple comaprision with data available here… in general how much % off MSRP is a good selling price? 7 to 8%?

You should be looking in the area of 10% 9 is ok 11 is very good

Ok. Thanks. I went for a test drive and we will probably test drive the CX-9 and Pilot as well. So the dealer didnt give me numbers… does any one has any thoughts on Highlander Hybrid. They have a hybrid plat with 6k manufacturer miles on it… I will try out the car today or tomorrow…

Think we can duplicate these deals nearly a year later?

I don’t think so. The residual is down to 64% from 69% for 12k/36mo and the base MF is .00225 (at least in my region)

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