2016 Ford Fusion Titanium

What are the incentives, residuals, and MF for the 2016 Ford Fusion Titanium (FWD and AWD) in Michigan. Thank you in advance!

2016 Fusion Titanium FWD or AWD (Michigan)

24/10.5K: 64% residual, 2.25% APR
36/10.5K: 55% residual, 0.25% APR
$2,000 RCL lease cash
$750 “Matching Down” cash

Targeted incentives:
$1,000 conquest cash (current non-Ford lessees/owners) OR $500 RCL lease renewal OR $500 Grad, Military, First Responders AND $500 Farm Bureau

Thanks Michael. How do residuals change at 15k miles?
Also, how does the “Matching Down” cash work into the calculations? I have to put $750 cash down and I receive a $1500 incentive off the cost?

The residuals are 3% lower for 15K/year.

My understanding is that the $750 “Matching Down” is just another cash incentive; you don’t actually have to put anything down.