2016 Ford Fusion Energi Titanium

Hi, I’m looking for the residual, money factor and incentives please. Also what are the odds of getting a CVRP with funds exhausted?

2016 Ford Fusion Energi Titanium

@Jonny_5 , funds are not exhausted, Jerry Brown is holding it back to negotiate for the viability for cap & trade program. they’ll turn that faucet back on, until then everyone that applies is simply on the waiting list to receive a check.

The deal is still really good, not that many left though. Alot of them have Navigation / moonroof / ventilated seats etc. They’re really nice!!

$9582 Rebate everyone gets on lease
$1000 rebate if you are currently leasing a Volt or Prius
$250 rebate if you are leasing any non Ford vehicles registered at same address
$1000 rebate for returning ford lease customers

36 Month
0.25% ( .00001 MF )
43% for 10k
-1% for 12k
-3% for 15k
$645 Bank Acq fee

Hope that helps! Call me if interested in using our supplier pricing on the deal, We charge a flat $595 which is less than our discounts so it works out really well. And we deliver free of charge.



I am interested. Can you give me the down payment and monthly payment with taxes for SoCal? I am currently leasing a Chevy Spark. Lease expired end of August.

See invoice below, has Moonroof / Heated & cooled seats & Navigation

36 Mo / 10k miles
$1598 Due at signing
$595 DSR S.F.
$301 w/ tax

Includes $1000 competitive EV vehicle lease rebate