2016 Ford Fusion Energi Titanium - Plug in hybrid

Great forum! The Ford Fusion Energi leases pretty well right now. Details for a lease I finished late last week are as follows:

MSRP $40,425
Selling price $ 35,806 (before rebates)

$6,257 Lease Cash
$3,000 Bonus Cash
$500 Farm Bureau
$250 Return Lease customer (also available for competitive lease)
10,007 Total

Acquisition $645
Doc Fee $598
Residual - 52% -$21,021 (24 month)
Lease Rate 1.25% (Base rate is .25% - marked up a bit - but I thought the over all deal was fair)
Sales Tax - $700 (Rebates subject to tax)
Monthly $310 - before monthly sales tax (zero out of pocket - first month rolled in)

The fuel savings are a nice bonus. A 36 month rate had a residual of 44% (.5 base interest rate) and would have been a bit less expensive, but I preferred the shorter term.

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Awesome. Thanks for sharing! Nice to see the Farm Bureau incentive can be combined with RCL loyalty.

Are these incentives targeted ?
I am only seeing $2200 only for florida

I think those are purchase incentives. The lease incentives do vary by region. You can determine lease incentives by using the “estimate your payment” option on the ford website including your zip code.

SEL is top trim not titanium?

Here are the numbers for March:
Residual:55% for 24 months & 47% for 36 months
Interest: 2.25% for 24 m & 0.25% for 36m
Cap cost:
Program # 50348 $8757 for all
Program #12850 $1250 cash back
Program # 12888 $1,000 lease of a non-Ford car
Total of $11,0007
I received a buy price of 7% off MSRP

I am in NY - Hope this helps

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Thanks. So what should lease numbers ideally look like? any good dealers in ny area? any other offers/promos stack?

How are you folks getting these fabulous offer! (Program # 50348 $8757)?
Offers in South Florida are not even close

I paid $235/month with $592 out of pocket (DMV, doc fee, first month) for 24 months. MSRP $35,570 buy was $33,100. The monthly payment should be considerably less for states with out the high tax rate of NY. I got my deal on Long Island. The programs should be available nationwide. It took me a number of dealers to finally get a good person to deal with. Mention the program numbers when talking to the dealers.

Which model options and dealer as I’m also in Long Island. Thanks!!

I messed around with the Ford Lease payment calculator. This is a regional deal only good in their Tristate region www.YourTriStateFordDealers.com I’m sure there are other areas, but I didn’t have time to try zip codes for the entire country.

I’m in Western NY and there is only a $7007 lease incentive.

I received the best price through True car and then called the dealer . I went to Tower Ford, but make sure you do True Car before you contact them. Yes the incentives seem to be regional only.

Good for folks that can get the deal
Thanks for sharing

Which model/features?

Anyone do MSD with ford?

Anyone get a good deal recently?