2016 Ford Fusion Energi lease assumption

I’ve been looking around at the 2016 Ford Fusion Energi so I can get an HOV pass in NY and big incentives ($11k) on 2016’s. Unfortunately the SE’s are gone so lease monthly payment on the Titanium ($41k+ MSRP) is much higher. Working with a dealer at the end of September I was offered ~$400 sign & drive (registration/DMV only). However, if I went with a 2017 they had (they have SE’s) they could do ~$350.

Saw a post of Craigslist for a 2016 Titanium lease transfer, 28 months left @ $295, but seller was unwilling to offer any incentive. $75 fee for credit check; no disposition fee. I’ve never done a lease assumption but understand there are some risks…

Does this sound like a good opportunity? I own a 2011 Outlander Sport, but looking to sell it soon (2nd kid on the way and can’t fit a car seat behind driver’s seat - I’m tall, but only 6’2" - seems ridiculous to me!).

The wife has us looking at minivans to replace our Traverse lease which is up in March - in case anyone is seeing good deals on those (although we’ll probably buy due to mileage use).

How many miles left and how many miles total allowed on the assumption? That is also important.

Very important - good point. Only 4,500 miles used; 27,000 remaining.