2016 Ford Explorer Sport 4WD in NJ

Looking to lease a 2016 Ford Explorer Sport 4WD with 401A equipment package. Hoping I can get some advise on whether this deal I was offered is good. Also, what is the money factor/% for a Ford lease on this truck? They told me but I forgot and it wasn’t on the written quote they gave us. I was hoping to avoid calling the dealer back before I received some advice on what they quoted.

2016 Ford Explorer Sport 4WD with 401A equipment package.
Plus $3,805 in additional options:

  • All weather floor mats
  • 2nd row bucket seats
  • Front fog lamp - LED
  • Twin Panel Moonroof
  • RF Rack XBAR
  • Adapt Cruise/Colli Warning

MSRP Price Information
$43,500.00 - Base Price
$ 4,300.00 - Equipment Group 401A Option
$ 3,805.00 - Additional Options
$51,605.00 - Total Vehicle & Options
$ 945.00 - Destination & Delivery
$52,550.00 - Total MSRP

We asked for a $0 money down with everything (title, taxes and fees) rolled into the lease payments. Term of 36 months/12,000 mi per year. (We made the mistake of not negotiating the sales price first :frowning:

Dealership offered: $49,999. $0 down with $625 per month /36 months/12,000 mi per year and first payment of $625 due at signing. Any advice?