2016 Ford C-max Energi Residual/MF

Can someone tell me what the current residual/MF/incentive is on a 2016 Ford C-Max Energi? 24mo and 36mo, 10k/year?

For CA
C-Max Energi 36 month, 10,5k/yr
MF 0.0001 (0.25%)
Residual 43%
$9757 Red Carpet Lease cash.
$1000 Prius / Volt conquest

The best deal I found is for base 300pkg, $99/month + tax, $1999 down + drive off.

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Where are you located? Ford incentives are regional.

I’m in NY. I find some incentives using the calculator through Ford but the residual and calculator seems off. What is it for 24 mo? I’m guessing in the 50s if 36 is 43%?

Do you have the current numbers for zip code 11201(NYC Metro) 36 month 12K miles. Ford has $11000 incentive right now, looking to take advantage of it

2016 C-MAX Energi in 11201
36/12K: 38% residual, 0.75% APR

All: $11,757 lease cash
Targeted: $1,000 Competitive Lessee, $1,000 Volt/Prius Owner/Lessee, $1,000 RCL Loyalty, $500 Grad/First Responders/Military

Expires 10/3/16.

Do you have current numbers for CA? Thanks!

It looks like Ford increased the lease cash to $12507, are the residual and MF still the same?
Also have the targeted offers changed?

I wonder how much that lease renewal rebate is.
I can’t get my local dealers in NYC to budge on the selling price, they all want to use the MSRP. 4 hour day trip to Mass might be worthwhile

I think the $1500 is a Mass rebate and not the lease renewal, I have found two different numbers on the lease renewal one being a $500 rebate (This was reduced from last month of $1000) and a second being a RCL EV lease renewal of $1750 and according to this dealer unchanged from last month

Muzi ford Needham MA

Looking at their website i found this

As part of a push to expand the volume of green cars on Massachusetts
roadways, the state will provide rebates of, up to, $2,500 for
Massachusetts residents who purchase or lease an electric vehicle on or
after Wednesday June 18, 2014.

So if you thinking about a drive up from New York you may not get that great of a deal, i would call before you make the drive

The MA rebate is direct to consumer, so I don’t think this is applicable to their pricing.