2016 Ford C-Max Energi firesale leases?

Looks like Ford is currently offering a $12,507 rebate on C-Max Energi leases ($199/month for 36 months/$1,999 down is the current factory lease offer…at least in MD. Ford lease offers are regional, so your mileage may vary)

A $1k Volt/Prius owner conquest rebate is also available on top of the factory cash.
There is also a $500 military/college student rebate as well, though not sure of its stackability.

So at least $13,507 rebate for a Volt/Prius owner on a C-Max Energi! That’s the biggest chunk of lease cash I’ve ever seen on any car! $14,007 if the mil/student rebate also stacks!

With a decent dealer discount, it seems a sub<$200/month, $0 down lease is completely possible with a '16 C-Max Energi.

Where are you seeing the $12,507? Are you getting this from a dealer?

I know the it was previously $11,507 lease rebate and still see that number on most of the sites.

Here is a good site with a list of the current rebates for the C-MAX,

I am looking at one of these and there is another entry in the forum with links to some good deals in the Boston area


Go to the “Build a C-Max page”, and you’ll see the lease rebate that’s available. In MD (and VA and CT, there is $12,507 lease cash on the hood. CA only offering 11,507 for some reason). I just checked Boston’s zip, and it lists the same $12,507 lease cash.


Thank you for that update, i live in South Florida and it just shows the 11,507 i see when i change the zip codes