2016 Dodge Charger Lease Deal NY (Long Island)


Hello everyone. Here is another deal i got for my neighbor. Numbers are rough draft as these were numbers discussed with salesman but some might be off and residual might be a bit higher. However, just to give everyone an idea if they looking for a similar deal.

MSRP 35,240
Selling Price 32,520
Rebates 7000 ( IDL cash, conquest, dodge incentive, and some other incentive the dealer refused to disclose)
Residual 51%
MF .00120
Term 36 month at 12k a year
Tax rate at 8.625%
Bank fee 795
Documentation fee 795
Payment 299.86 a month
Drive offs were first month plus 230 for DMV

Now numbers seem higher when i calculate them but i think residual is probably 53% and not 51%.


Thanks for sharing! That’s a great deal.

I’m seeing the residual for Charger SXT AWD is 51% for 36/12K through US Bank.

There’s $4,000 IDL cash, $1,000 Dodge, and $1,000 conquest. Wonder where the additional $1,000 came from – perhaps it’s regional, or they’re certificates from the manufacturer.


I asked the finance manager but he just smiled and said trade secrets. I think its other association rebate or a 1000 mailer certificate from Jeep directly since he has another lease in the household. ( The son is a young accountant that graduates in May and the father works for a hotel chain) Most association rebates are 500 that i have seen so not sure it is that. Problem with the mailer from Jeep we tried to use at other dealer and he said its just an ad not an additional mailer rebate from jeep. If anyone has any idea please let me know as i would be curious. Again, could have pushed for more of sales price but i think dealer would have refused. Also as correction monthly payment was 295 a month. We haggled an extra 5 bucks a month.


This seems like a pretty good deal I’m surprised it didn’t get more buzz on these forums. Any other experiences?


Thank you. Getting better at negotiating. Search for grand cherokee in the forums. I got the jeep for myself at another dealer. Maybe i should be an auto negotiator. :slight_smile:


Can I get the dealer name & contact details in NY. I can try to get same or similar deal. I’m looking for Dodge Charger…


I send you the dealer via message but i am not sure they will negotiate man. The day we were picking the car they tried to add some other fees and it was a pain. Also, they gave the car with no gas on it at all.


I have a few 2016 chargers rt model v8
295 a month
36 months
10,000 miles
1600 at signing
Bank is Chrysler capital
Msrp is 40365


Now that sounds like a good and maybe you should open your own thread. 1600 js first month and fees i guess?


Yeep first month and fees