2016 Dodge Challenger sxt for 254 including taxes

Signed this lease last night.
It’s a 24 month term lease (it was 253 a month for 36)
I put zero down and the 254 price includes tax and all fees.

The next lowest quote I got was 289 including taxes.

Msrp was 27990
Residual was .67
I have alright credit (low 700s) and am a first time car buyer so my MF was .00135

Did I do good or should I have held out longer?

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Congrats on the new car. Sounds like a solid deal! To evaluate it, we need the following:

  • Selling Price (“agreed upon value” in 10-A in your lease contract)
  • Rent Charge (10-F)
  • Rebates and Noncash Credits (9-B2)
  • Acquisition Fee (9-A8 or 13O)

Was this through Chrysler Capital, US Bank, or Ally?