2016 Dodge Challenger R\T Plus Trade in prices

Looking for anyone in the Pa\NJ area that recently traded in or know of what the prices dealers are paying for 2016 Dodge Challenger R\T Plus, roughly 27k miles. has all the bells and whistles.

Have you thought about going to a Dodge dealership to get it appraised? Carvana/Vroom? Carmax?

No one can really tell you what your car is worth, unfortunately you need to do the leg work and get appraisals done to have an idea of what you can get for it.

Best of luck!

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I can. Need more details though.

Colors inside and out?
And previous paintwork?
Still on original tires and brakes?

check Vroom.

They offered me 24k for fully loaded 2015 R/T with 17k miles

torred on the outside, black leather interior. tech package, convenience package, moon roof. 20 in premium rims.
original tires and breaks. navigation and alpine speaker system.

Vroom offered me 25k just seeing if I can squeeze 27k from a dealer, but was hoping someone nearby had a similar experience with a trade in

$25k is pretty good. That’s right at the top of what it would likely sell for at dealer auction. You’d probably be hard pressed to get a normal dealer to break $24k on it.

Yea thats what I’m thinking. not sure if I should just eat the 3800 im upside down and trade it for something else or wait it out. chances of my buyout price getting closer to the value of the car the longer i wait doesn’t seem good since more miles are being tacked on.

is this a lease or purchase? How long have you had it?

its a lease, had it 17 of the 36 months