2016 Denali 6.2 4x4 Thanks!

Just wanted to say thanks, I found this forum when searching for a truck to replace my SLT, using your links and numbers i was able to negotiate a great deal saving me 75 dollars a month and getting an upgrade from my old one… see my post below.

Just used these numbers and tool to pick up a 2016 Sierra Denali 6.2 liter 4x4 Crew cab for 452.00 a month with tax included. More than the tool but with a 60,000 msrp. Was able to knock 5000 off the msrp and got exact residuals 72% and MF with no upsell. No local dealers in miami would do the deal, had to drive 300 miles to central florida to get it but it was worth it. Im paying less for a 6.2 denali than i was for the 5.3 sierra. Thanks!!!


Congrats! The Denali is an amazing lease right now. It can be cheaper to lease one than a more basic Sierra 1500.

What dealership did you end up buying from? I’m in Florida and would like to use same dealer or even salesperson you did. Thanks

What are residuals and mf on Denali. What are incentives as well

It’s on a post on the front page…

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Thank you so much for this website and keeping it updated! Using this website and with my GMS pricing I was able to rock a Sierra Denali (MSRP $61,329) single pay for $395/mo. Unbelievable. I couldn’t even score a Crew Cab Silverado within a mile of that payment. This website it great and I have referred all friends and family to visit this site when they are looking to renew their leases. This is a tool far greater than the other big deal website. Thank you!

One question though? any idea if the Sierra Denali 2500 lease this well too?


Unfortunately GM Financial does not have a supported lease program for Sierra Denali 2500.

Whew… Glad you said that, because I was more fond of the 2500 after leaving the lot with the 1500. Again, thanks for this website. Do you have a PayPal for donations or anything. Truly saved me a lot of time and money. Plus one sweet truck for the next 3 years!

I wouldn’t count on getting the same deal from the same sales person and the same dealer because circumstances likely have changed.

I would still shop all dealers within a radius your willing to travel in. His post is further proof that the best deals are the ones your willing to travel for.

Very nice. I don’t need or want a truck. Would love to be able to lease a similarly priced car or possibly SUV for that!

Do they ever offer leases on 3/4 ton diesels? Either the GMC or Chevy version?

I couldn’t come anywhere near these deals at the time. I wish I could. If anyone knows of a dealer in the NY/NJ/CT/PA area willing to come close to these deals now (I know it’s a few months later) please let me know.

How much off did they offer vs what you offered? According to Edmunds 24/10 is 74%, which is still really good. Im hoping they jump back up like they did in March.

GM Financial does not offer supported lease programs on 2500HD trucks. However, you can still lease them – just at higher rates and lower residuals:

For Silverado 2500HD, 36/10K residuals range from 47% (Regular Cab LT 2WD) to 68% (Crew Cab Work Truck 4WD) and the MF is .00192.

How are the incentives doing now?

Hi, Any updates on these numbers? Are they as good now as they were in Q2?

Hello!! Congrats!!!