2016 Chevy SS Sedan Lease

I am sure it is standard rates, but could I please have the 36/10 and 39/10 RV and MF for the MY16 SS Sedan, if available?


I am not seeing any GM supported lease for the SS. Guess you need to find a different lease company.

What about just standard lease rates?

GM Financial doesn’t have a program on 2016 SS, just the 2015.

2015 Chevrolet SS
36/10: 48%
39/10: 47%
.00177 MF

That MF is pretty high, but it is the poor residual that really kills the lease on that car. And it really doesn’t make any sense as they are holding their value pretty good. Give the SS the same lease RV and MF that the Cadillac ATS-V has and the payment difference is huge!

GM has offered 0% for 60 months along with conquest and retail cash, so it is not necessarily a question of incentivizing the SS. Clearly GM doesn’t want them back at the end of the lease, likely due to the fact that they will be going out of production for good soon.

It is nuts that a $48K SS Sedan leases for the same as a $70K ATS-V.

Yes, can you hear the frustration in my post?!?!? lol

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Looks like SS is one of those cars better purchased than leased.

Have you considered Camaro SS? Residuals are pretty high, rates are not bad, but discounts are probably slim:

I sat in a new Camaro. I have no idea why someone would tolerate such poor outward visibility in a car coupled with such a piss poor utilization of interior room! lol

But seriously, I really need space for cargo and passengers.

Are there any numbers yet on the MY16 SS, supported or not?


I don’t see anything from GM Financial for 2016 SS; there may be other leasing companies that lease SS sedans.

Looks like US Bank has set a residual of 50% for 36/10 on 2016 SS and a MF of .00181 (average credit; may be lower for excellent credit).

Thanks for the US Bank information. You don’t happen to know if US Bank does MSD’s, do you?

Not that I’m aware of, unfortunately.

Thanks for looking into that. Have a good evening.

I’d start looking at other cars Snappy, otherwise it looks like you are going to paint yourself into a corner and end up overpaying for the SS just because you really wanted it. Granted it’s just for 3 years, but if you can pay less and enjoy it just as much… Have you considered Infinity QX60? Lots of room, nice vehicle and you can use MSDs from what I understand.

Well, I ended up going in a different direction and I leased a MY16 Miata.

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LMAO, speaking of space for cargo and passengers :slight_smile: I see an SUV or a crossover in your future. How much did you end up saving on Miata, just wondering.

I came to the realization that I have my wife’s car for those times when I need to carry any cargo or passengers. Once I eliminated that constraint, a Miata became an obvious choice.

As for the payment, it is $434/mo (including 6% sales tax) for a 36 mo 12K mile/year lease on a Club model with the Brembo/BBS package. Only paid inceptions at signing. They don’t incentivize the lease on a Miata and the money factor is a ridiculously high .00234, but I knew I wanted the certainty of being able to get out after 3 years if I so desired, which is why I didn’t buy.

Thanks for sharing, I am guessing they don’t encourage the MSDs either, that payment sounds pretty high, but again probably because of the MF been so high. Enjoy the car, good thing you have it squared away hey.

That is correct about the MSD’s, Mazda/Chase does not offer that option. The payment is indeed high, compared to other ~$32K cars, and that is due to the high MF. But the car was within my budget and is more than worth the payment. That f@cking car puts a huge grin on my face every time I drive it!

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Where does one find the numbers for the Chevy SS lease from US Bank. Looks like the ss is being discounted again as 2017 it’s last year. Found over 100 cars being advertised at less than $40,000 that’s over 20% off the MSRP.


You must realize the numbers will be horrible. They cant give those cars away, there is no way they are going to lease well. I would buy it instead. Make some lowball offers see what you get.