2016 Camaro SS?

Does anyone know what the residuals are for both the 1ss and 2ss?
Also does anyone know about the current incentives?

I don’t know the details but they lease very poorly, search the forum.

Here are the 36/15K numbers. Subtract residual by 2% for 12K/year.

2016 Camaro Coupe 1SS: 57% residual, .00150 MF
2016 Camaro Coupe 2SS: 56% residual, .00150 MF

Here are the incentive for Michigan:

All: $1,000 Incremental Bonus Cash
Targeted: ($2,000 Mustang owner cash, $1,500 GM Loyalty, or $500 Competitive Lessee) + $500 Farm Bureau

Michigan does not appear to be a participating state for GM Farm Bureau cash incentive, but is for Ford Farm Bureau cash incentive.