2016 Camaro 2SS Lease Proofing

I was able to price the exact specification of the 2016 2SS Camaro through Chevrolet Supplier discount. I received about $1,200 off avg TrueCar price with comparable specs.

Here are the numbers:

MSRP: $46,045
Sales Price: $44,255.50 (4% off MSRP)
Incentives: $0
Downpayment $4000
Acq Fee: $595
Net Cap Cost: $40,256
Residual: 60%
Months: 36
Miles/Yr: 12,000
Money Factor: .00165 (3.96%) (Can I get this down to 0.00140?)
Montly Payment (before tax): $463
Doc Fee: $80
License/Reg Fee: $400
Sales Tax: 7%
Drive Off: $5896 (First month’s Payment incl. tax: $495,Down payment: $4,000,Registration and doc fee: $480, Total MSD Payment: $0, Tax on cap cost reduction and fees: $327, Acquisition Fee: $595)
Monthly Payment (with tax): $495
Leasehackr Score: 8.3years
Total Lease Cost: $23,224
Does the math checkout? Is there anything that I can do better?

Self bump… LeaseHackrs probably busy :slight_smile:

The residuals and MF are off; was this using last month’s data? Here’s the program for 2016 Camaro 2SS in April.

36/12K: 58% residual, .00150 MF

Camaros are pretty hot, so unfortunately don’t expect much in the way of discounts or rebates. If you’ve been a member of a Farm Bureau for 30 days, there’s an additional $500 incentive:


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Thanks Michael. Much appreciated.