2016 C450 AMG Sport

Msrp-55k - lease end purchase is $32k
$450 excluding tax

Lease Ends in December 2019, 5 months left 6k miles left approximatey at 34k miles. Was leased for 48 months and 40000 miles.

No down payment just transfer fees
A set of winter michelin tires( 4k miles on them the most/purchased in 2017 december) will be given free

Tires and wheel protection package as well as body coverage will also be gifted

Email me at cihane1905@gmail.com if interested I can send the pics. Located in Seattle, Washington.

No accidents or anything its in great condition.

You usually can’t swap in the last 6 months. Have you asked MBFS if they will allow you to?

Thanks for asking. I will doublecheck, that said I haven’t found anything saying otherwise in my contract or in mbfs website other than just stating they remove the transfer lease button in the account and I should call them. I will update the topic if it is not allowed.

Update: Seems like MBFS does not allow lease transfer within last 6 months of lease even it is not explicitly called out in any contract. I will try to remove the post.

Thanks for the interest.